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Developing cutting-edge solutions to empower businesses with the right data

Be prepared to make a difference

Our tech teams will be working on projects that make an impact to global businesses. Everyone in Aggregate Intelligence is expected to have a founder’s mindset. We encourage every designer, engineer and data scientist to be an active participant. We embrace ‘product’ engineering, and work closely to shape the future of each product

Our technology stacks

Aggregate Intelligence is a technology-agnostic company.


We research, build and deploy the best technology for any given solution.​ In our development, we follow a systematic approach to capture and ingest raw data, and then convert that into real-time services and world-class visualizations. 


We are constantly striving and learning - new technologies and approaches come to the market every day, and we ensure that we do not limit ourselves when it comes to choosing technology paradigms/stacks, and always try to use the most suitable tool for the job function.

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Our tech stack

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Meet some of the team 

Learn what it's like for tech talent working at Aggregate Intelligence

I am responsible for the design and implementation of user interfaces (UIs) and UI components using React, a front-end JavaScript library.


I create front end applications for showcasing the data that we have for the Travel industry including user subscriptions and dashboards.



I am a React UI/UX Developer and an expert coder. Coding is my core passion, and I enjoy building new products by generating code. I have been working with one of the company's flagship products, StorTrack, and I have contributed a lot in the development phase of the product.


I am very comfortable in working with Aggregate Intelligence as there are opportunities to learn and implement new technologies. 


I am primarily involved in developing scripts to extract data from websites, beginning from simple data structures to very complex websites. I like the daily challenge and I enjoy figuring out how to get the most from our scripts. This keeps me learning, evolving and implementing new techniques and in upgrading my technical skills.


My expertise is with Python and related software libraries and MS SQL as a backend technology.


My primary responsibility is to design and implement scalable environments to support our data teams' requirements.

Apart from Python - which is my core expertise - I have knowledge in NodeJS, MongoDB, AWS technologies, Kubernetes, EBS, and SNS (to name a few!).


Aggregate Intelligence is a challenging and invigorating environment that enables me to learn and implement new ideas and technologies.



I am a part of the development team at Aggregate Intelligence where I work on a range of dashboards and customer-facing products. I am responsible for all the databases of the particular product group I am working in. 

I maintain and solve issues in the databases supporting some of our most important products such as I am also involved in some new projects, which is exciting and enables me to constantly learn and grow.


Utilize your skills on innovative projects



Build script libraries, processes and partnerships to capture important data in the market



Build & launch SaaS business intelligence products that aggregate & visualize data for decision makers



Use data science to identify predictive signals and demand potentials

Become a part of our growing team

Explore opportunities to become a part of our highly talented team and build a successful career.
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