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Technical Writer


Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


About the Role

Working closely with the Product Managers, the technical writer is responsible for developing long-term product documentation, writing and distributing technical documents, preparing user manuals, API documentation, technical analysis documents, and reference guides. Liaise with colleagues, ensure the consistency of documentation practice across the team, and train employees on efficient documentation usage, among other duties.

Job Summary
●Create detailed standard technical documentation for the core products of the company, technical processes and workflows, user manuals and marketing material
●Develop standard templates to document technology tools, methods, systems, upgrades and other tech processes at AI.
●Liaise with Product Heads and SMEs to document the entire project lifecycle from a technical standpoint
●Ensure that all documentation is comprehensive, and conveys the message to both the technical and non-technical user.
●Work and consult with stakeholders to document technical issues specifications and build use cases for each product / tool / API.
●Ensure documentation and testing are managed in accordance with all applicable company policies and standard best practices.
●Create a system to dynamically review / edit / publish documentation when there are changes, pre- and post- delivery, or as and when applicable.
●Maintain trackers to record version history of all new requests, suggestions, corrections and revisions made to the documentation.
●Periodically review reports, technical documentation, and test log results to ensure documentation procedures have been followed by other subject matter experts and that the required level of documentation quality has been achieved.
●Monitor user feedback, research, propose and implement documentation improvements.
●Collaborate with the product and development team on SOPs, platform descriptions and the creation of user interface text.
●Manage multiple projects by prioritization and hard cut-off dates.


  • Hands-on experience as a Technology Professional

  • Expert-level using Microsoft Word, Adobe, Video Scripts, CSS and other technical documentation software tools

  • Ability to wireframe, create mockups and other illustrations to support in the documentation process

  • Experience in writing UI texts and working with product and UX designers.

  • Excellent writing and editing skills along with the ability to edit, review and implement changes online.

  • Ability to understand, process, and document numerous software applications, hardware functionality, and software/hardware integration independent of each other.

  • Advanced design skills and experience in documentation format. Familiarity with markup languages ​​such as Markdown and HTML along with understanding the Agile development methodology is an added benefit.

  • Independent and highly motivated individual; excellent communicator


  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Engineering or a related field preferred.

  • Certification in Technical content development or content writing would be an added advantage

About the Company

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