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Process Associate


Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


About the Role

Job Type: Full time / Rotational Shift / Work from office

1) Responsible for overseeing the tool execution process
2) Ensure the tool execution process is completed on time
3) Prepare and follow the delivery checklist for each delivery
4) Perform QA based on the defined queries for random data before the delivery
5) Support internal teams in-terms of achieving overall goal
6) Report to the Manager on daily activities, specifically if any issues
7) Maintain daily delivery report


Key Skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Good to have basic knowledge in SQL/DBMS

  • Ability to adapt to the work environment

  • Flexibility needed mostly


  • Bachelor’s Degree in CS/IS/IT or relevant experience Qualification Criteria and other Skills

  • Less than 1 year of experience in the IT field or a fresher

About the Company

Aggregate Intelligence is a platform-agnostic fully integrated BI provider in vertical markets such as travel, retail, real estate and more. Our focus is on the seamless delivery of data intelligence to the user – whether that is in raw data feed form via APIs, in dynamic spreadsheet/platform integrations or in custom-build vertical BI solutions targeting a specific problem for a specific user base.

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